If I could code...this would be my dream interface

I know this may be a pipe dream, but I would love it if there was an application that would aggregate all services into a clean interface. The user experience would be a heck of a lot more enjoyable IMO. The user could update through settings which service/services they have a subscription.

I know it may be a logistical nightmare, but hey I’m just putting this idea out there. So, what do you think of my “pipe dream”?

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Doesn’t TiVo Roamio do that?

Only a select applications. It’s close though.
I would like it to operate on android, ios, roku, firetv. Not exclusively on tivo.

That reminds me of the Roku interface. Although I have to launch the Tablo app to see the antenna guide and I don’t get to see the “my list” stuff until I get into each application (netflix, plex in my case).

Actually getting that information from outside of the application would be really challenging, but I do like the idea of seeing either a “my list” or a “new” before launching the app.

I don’t see enough space on the screen to be practical having the live TV guide on the main interface but I can understand why you would want it.

… you have to run your “TV” in portrait mode. But think of all those iPhone videos that will look really great!

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It would scroll, but keep the antenna guide at the top.

I know… I was striving for “humor points”… sometimes I get negative points…

No problemo.

@eek Retrieving a list (either New or my list) would be the main challenge. Also the live tv guide does not have to be huge maybe showing a couple stations at a time. IMO, Too much space tends to be wasted on image art. But, I like to show “details” not icons while using my windows computer. :wink:

I completely agree.

Pretty much all Apps exist on Firestick/TV, Android, so this will be a good idea first to start. Well Kodi maybe a bit of a challenge since it’s not natively supported. But it’s doable unlike roku and iOs.