Idea for my Tablo friends

I have a great idea to grow your company.

You guys should go on Dragon’s Den, get some massive funding from one of the dragon, steal and hire some of the best Tivo engineers, then proceed to fix the channel swap delay, dolby 5.1, Roku issues and release an uber apple tv app.

All I’m asking for in return of this great idea is a lifetime subscription.

In the meanwhile, keep doing what you do, I’m enjoying my Tablo as it currently is and I’m spreading the word best I can :slight_smile:

All great ideas to be added / fixed to the Tablo. However, I will point out there is nothing wrong with the channel change delay, this is inherent in the way the Tablo was designed and operates. It transcodes the video from MPEG2 source to h.264 video, this takes time and needs to build a buffer to stream. The delay is what it is.

Blackmail comment box? :smile:

By the power invested in me I grant your request. Unfortunately there is no power invested in me.