I'd like to be able to block selected topics in the forums


I regularly read the forums and would like to be able to hide topics and users that don’t interest me.


In depth coding of specific projects.
Methods of saving TV Shows to computer (just the ones I don’t use)
Anything pertaining to Apple OS (I’m an Android man) unless it affects my streaming devices.
Anything to do with Chromecast
(gave up on it long ago, when it was evident it was inferior for streaming Tablo)
Trolls… Block specific users… have no interest in watching them cause trouble.

Feasible ?


Whenever I don’t want to see a topic appear, I click on “Muted” at the bottom of the topic (option buttons) where it says “Tracking” or “Normal”. Then that topic disappears from view forever.


Great - I’ll give it a try


I had a similar request about a year ago:


I never had any luck with the mute feature.

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I’ve been able to mute entire topics using the feature @MarkKindle described above. However I haven’t seen any “mute users” option. I can put a specific user into a list so that I’ll never be notified if and when they post. But not disable seeing a user totally.

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