I'd give my left nut for a reboot option in the interface

So I’ve been running 2.2.6 for a while and my setup has been stable so I’ve put off 2.2.8. However, every once and a while I need to reboot the box. I have to get up off my lazy butt, walk down to my basement, and reboot the guy.

Any chance we can get a soft reboot in one of the next firmware revisions? My waistline thanks you in advance.


Are you rebooting because the interface froze? If so, what good what a reboot button do if you can’t click on it?

This has been asked for about a thousand times… :frowning:

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This has been asked for about a thousand times… :frowning:

That’s a lot of people willing to give up a testicle! I’m not sure your numbers are accurate.


Here’s a $40 solution, no sacrifice required: Wemo outlet

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Hey, nice. I see some cheaper versions on Amazon but that’s a good idea. Thanks!

lol, ok 1000 may have been a bit of an exaggeration and not sure anyone has offered what the original poster has offered. But it has been asked for many many times.


Yeah have one of these on a different device. Added by Dev = Free :smile:

My issues typically stem from a corrupted stream. Every once in a while a stream will corrupt and becomes extremely pixelated. I can swap to another channel and the second stream is fine. Go back to the first channel and it’s still corrupted. (because the box keeps that tuner going). The interface freezing is not happening in my case.

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I think the good Tablo Support folks do not like the idea of turning off the Tablo box to reboot because who knows when and what may be accessing the hard drive when the electricity is cut off. The result may be a corruped database.

The other thing that I can’t figure out is what value to Tablo a left nut or even 100 left nuts would have that might induce them to add this feature. This seems like a very asymmetrical offer - something of great value to the the offeror but of little value to the offeree? I was about to say “am I missing something” but one of you wise guys would undoubtedly answer “yeah, your left nut.”


If you have a dual tuner, have you tried tuning to a 3rd channel? The Tablo should release the first tuner so if you go back to the 1st channel all should be good.

All of this could be fixed by either getting a better antenna or using a pre-amp or amp depending on how your coaxial cable is wired.


lol :sweat_smile: literally

I already have a pre-amp and an attic antenna. It’s not a matter of signal causing the issue because the reboot fixes it. If my signal was weak, a reboot would not fix the issue.

Please do not mail us body parts. Please.


Agreed. I don’t like the idea of pressing the reset button to do a graceful shutdown. Cr@p, did I hold it too long? Will my shows still be there? I will say, now that Roku and Tablo have worked out their differences, my desire/need to reboot Tablo is much lower.

I’m surprised people want to reboot their Tablo so often. I honestly don’t think I have rebooted it once (other than firmware upgrades) since I moved it out of the attic almost 10 months ago.


Soft reboot isn’t practical seeing that if your interface is frozen, how are you going to reboot it? I bought a Wemo as well a while back :smile:

Me neither…

If you need to reboot and it is accessible via the UI and the device is in a place not easy to get to (I have to climb a ladder) then a reboot from the UI would be great

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