Icons are blank and no recorded show plays

Hello, lately I have been having an issue with playback. I bring up my roku and launch tablo. Everything appears ok until I go to recorded events. Everything has empty icons. I try to play something, it looks like it’s queuing up and then fails. I also can’t play anything live. I restart the tablo, and everything is fine until it happy again (2 days or so later). The tablo has good ventilation around it and so does the hard drive. Is this a sign of a failing hard drive? I have been using this drive since I got the tablo with no issues. The drive is not a “green” type where it stops or powers down.

Bummer @ltldevl this sounds just like my issue after 2.1.16. Looks like a factory reset is required after the latest firmware update


which means losing all shows and schedules. My Tablo has been stable (with very low usage) for the last few weeks now. Disappointing yes but much less frustrating than dealing with all the unexplainable 2.1.16 issues prior.

Other things you can try…

Open a support ticket.

If you are utilizing the new auto-delete feature and your hard drive is full of shows, manually delete a hundred shows and see how it goes for you. I deleted a few dozen and that wasn’t enough to fix the issues.

Do not do a factory reset unless told to do so by Tablo Support.

Thanks all for the suggestions and warnings… Happened again this morning :frowning:

I have the same thing.  I opened a ticket with support and the result was that I have too many channels in my list.  (See “Have to reset Tablo a Lot”)  They’re working on a fix.  It seems like exceeding values/quantities  anticipated by the developers causes problems.

ok will give that a try as well. thanks!

@ltldevl Feel free to send me a note - we can take a look at your Tablo’s database to verify what’s going on. Feel free to reduce your channel lineup (as per @grandy’s) suggestion and let us know if this helps.

Thanks…already sent (the support ticket request). I will try the suggested as well…any magic number to achieve?

failed again this morning… I have 18 channels enabled out of 25.  I also re-disabled auto delete to see if that helps.

@ltldevl Hm. 18 channels really shouldn’t be a problem. I sent you a note with instructions on how to give us access.

Didn’t get the note…did you send it to me?

@ltldevl Yep - resent!

Got it this time and responded!