I think there is something wrong with Tablo

I’ve tried on 2 different TVs, each one with a Roku Ultra and an Apple TV 4K connected to it through different HDMI ports, 2 different channels and at different times of day, it is impossible to watch a 30min show or news continuously without Tablo getting stuck almost every 10min, this happens on the 2 Roku’s and on the 2 Apple TVs 4K, on different channels, clearly there is something wrong with the Tablo, any advice on how to troubleshoot the root cause of the problem? Thanks

Reboot your router, reboot your Tablo and then reboot your Roku. In that order. See what happens.

Thanks for the advice, I’ve done that more than 10 times over the last 5 days, since I purchased the Tablo

Which Tablo do you have?

Tablo 2 tuner
Tablo 4 tuner
Tablo DUAL 64 GB
Tablo DUAL Lite

Is it a well ventilated area? You’re not stacking the HDD on it or anything? Maybe it’s over heating.

Thanks for your response, I have the Tablo Dual Lite, it is in the middle of a room, very open space, no stacking, tested the temperature over the Tablo letters 109F

I’ve noticed that when I am streaming to more than 1 device, the issues start happening, it becomes very unreliable, with a single streaming it happens, but much less frequent.

I also see the pauses every once in a while, when recording and playing back a live stream simultaneously at the full 10 mbs rate. I have a dual, and have never seen this problem when using lower resolution or when I’m not recording and playing back at the same time.

I have configured both (recording and live tv) to 5Mbps 720 HD, the default recommendation, this is what you call “lower resolution”?

Yes, I never see the pause at 5 mbs.

Sorry to resurrect a nearly 30 day old thread, but have you looked into your router possibly being the culprit?

I replaced the Tablo Lite with a Tablo Dual and all the problems went away immediately, then I needed more tuners, so I replaced the Tablo Dual with a Tablo 4, same situation not a single problem with the Tablo 4, my conclusion, the Tablo Lite was defective and it was returned.

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