I see deleted episodes on different devices

I connect to my tablo from multiple devices but that seems to be causing syncing issues. All devices (except chrome) seems to see (different) episodes that have been deleted from different devices. For example,

I use my iPad Mini and it shows that I have 5 recording for Sleepy Hollow but when I click on it to play it I get a message that says “Recording Not Found”. That is correct because I deleted them within Chrome last week when I watched them. I try to delete the episode from the iPad mini but it looks like it is deleting it but doesn’t.

The same thing will happen with different shows on my phone and Plex Channel. How can I get all of the devices to show the same thing? I haven’t tried this but do I have to delete the app from all devices and reinstall? I am hoping not as that means I will be doing it seven times.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Tablo (for sure on Chrome) tends to maintain a local cache of data on the front end client… clean out your caches.

Also, Tablo sync is very important.  Sync and sync often.  If you don’t, syncs will take a long time to complete… (see other threads about “sync hate”)

@MrBitterMN - the problem you describe should never happen.  Clearing the caches (like @cjcox mentioned) wouldn’t affect the iPad, so if that doesn’t do anything , then perhaps there is some sort of db confusion that TabloSupport might be able to assist with (I would open a ticket with them).

@MrBitterMN Do you have a Roku? Do the episodes of Sleepy Hollow appear there, or are they missing?

Try deleting the Tablo from your iPad and re-syncing. You can do this by disconnecting from the Tablo, tapping ‘Edit’ in the top right corner, and then selecting ‘Delete’. Then rescan for any Tablos on the network, and your iPad will be forced to resync. Let me know if the deleted shows still appear. 

Feel free to send me a note with the details and we can go over a few things.