I need to export a single episode of one show

I know this isn’t a Nuvvyo supported feature, but I also have seen options for downloading programs to an external (not Tablo) drive on this board. Here’s the scoop: my boss brought up in conversation earlier this week that he wanted to use a single Star Trek (the original series) episode as a training video of sorts. I don’t know the specifics, but there is evidently some moral of the story that he wants to use. I noticed just a little while ago that this specific episode is airing on MeTV on May 7. I’ve set it to record on my Tablo, and I don’t expect any issues there.

What I want to do is copy this one recording off of the Tablo, and convert it to a format that can be played on a Windows computer.

Any suggestions?

Tablo Ripper, which you can find by searching the message boards here, will pull the program off the Tablo and on to your computer in mp4 format. You can also remove the commercials with Mcebuddy.


Tablo Exporter by Jestep - works great. Especially if you want only one ep.