I hope Tablo firmware can be reverted

OK, I get it. Most people want latest and greatest. But talking about Tablo firmware, not all latest firmware is greatest but when it gets updated it cannot go back. Lately, with the latest firmware, it stops recording with signal gets weak and never restarts when the signal gets better although the liveTV bar shows it is occupied for recording a show. Some firmware in the past did just that, restarted the recording again and again. Hopefully when they build new firmware, they should test the weakest signal channel and make sense how the device deals with cases when signal sometimes gets weak but then recovers. Yes, watching 55m show for a 60 minutes show is better than 5 minutes then stops the whole 60 minutes show.

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It had been possible, contact tech support and if the can’t help you move forward (or you refuse), they can take you through the bank rollover process.

I hope someone in the technical team takes a look at their software build and do something about it. If it happens to my device, so do the others. It is really annoying when you see a 5-minute video of a 60-minute show while the video quality is perfectly fine when I watch live TV at that same moment. Even when I turn off/on recording, it still stops recording (when it stops, I cannot turn recording on manually). I suspect that there was a moment of of weak TV signal that caused it to stop recording and never re-tried and prevented me to record it mannually. I would expect that during that 60-minute time slot, the device should try multiple times or every minute until the show ends. I just want to have a function that allows me to switch/revert to old firmware whichever works for me; that would be nice.