I have a stupid question

So I have 5 channels I get OTA: two with 5/5 reception, two with 4/5 and one with 3/5. Generally I have no issues with reception on any channels, even the 3/5. Tonight for some reason one of my 5/5’s is very choppy and pixelated while the 3/5 is fine. Weather is clear and antenna placement has not changed. Just wondering what might be causing this?

No such thing as a stupid question.
Only stupid answers, which I’ll try to provide here. :wink:

Being too close to the broadcast tower, or over amplifying the signal on your end can cause problems.
But, assuming you’re not…

All my 7 channels report back with 5 green circles on my Tablo Quad.
However, one of them fades out depending on time of day, what is being broadcast, and where my fat head is in relation to the antenna.
In regards to what is being broadcast, I found the older the broadcast, the more likely there’ll be pixelation problems.
For example, recording The Munsters, The Dick Van Dyke Show, and Lassie has been a challenge.

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Yeah, I haven’t changed a thing with regards to my antenna, just terrible reception tonight. Maybe just a glitch, I’ll wait and see if it corrects itself later. Thanks for the reply.

Have I missed something? Where do you see the signal strength?

When you do a channel scan on the settings page, each channel will show the signal strength in the form of dots.

You have to do another scan for it to show up?

No, you can just click on “Edit Channel lineup”, and all the channels and their signal strengths at the last scan will show up. If you think the strength has changed, you can do another channel scan to see the current values.

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If you live near an airport, the flight paths of the planes can sometimes cause interference with certain channels.

That might’ve been it. I do live near an airport and the channel did clear up on its own after a little while. Thanks a bunch.

Is the Tablo connected wireless? Microwave, radio (ham, cab, city) could interfear with WiFi.

Every part of my Tablo installation is hard wired ethernet (Tablo to router, router to three Roku 3’s and three Nexus players). I haven’t had a single burp in my system in at least six months, maybe longer. I am pretty sure I know why . . .

If you have any way to hard wire ethernet to any part of your installation, you should do it. It just takes a variable out when you have to start trouble shooting.