I guess I must sadly say farewell to my Tablo [SOLVED]


And who the hell are you! Stick your tablo where the sun don’t shine.


Reading the thread, he seemed to dismiss every suggestion, thus my post/question.
In any case…


Looking at antennaweb.org I can see why you’re apprehensive. I would probably consider dumping it too.

0 channels at the ground. Up to 10 channels from 3 over-the-air stations may be received at 30 feet…


I’ve tried a number of indoor antennas right here in the Denver Metro area and they suck even here. I would think (like in the first couple of suggestions at the start of this thread) that the first thing to do would be to check the available channels and antenna requirements and purchase an appropriate outdoor antenna, yet he argued against every suggestion (thus as I said, already made up his mind)…

Anyway…Whatever to each his own…


Good Luck Scott, goodbye ol’ friend.


Dismiss every suggestion? I dismissed those that were not practical for my situation, or that would violate a warranty on a brand new house.

You only need to read further to see there were some suggestions that did make me rethink things, but there is always a prude in the bunch. I too lived in Denver area, Broomfield to be specific. I had my Tablo there and had absolutely no problems. I had my Tablo at my previous house here in FL, near Tampa and also had no problems. I get here and I can’t even pick up a weak channel, nothing, nada. Makes ones hopes get very thin.

Me decision is still out. I need to think through if even a 30 foot high antenna would give me the number of channels to even be worth the effort and expense. It is not an easy decision as I have had my Tablo now for more than 5 years and parting with it is not something that comes easy.



Yeah my exact reason I am feeling mostly discouraged right now. Heck, maybe had I known this I wouldn’t have bought this house. LOL


A bit offtopic, but it’s like when you buy a house that has no high speed Internet provider/access. But somebody a block away has it… sigh…

(IMHO, those houses should be discounted by at least 25%)

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Ah, but my reply was to @kennyc.

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Good luck. Best wishes!


A 5 year old model would be one from the original batch of units. There can’t be much resale value in a unit that old.

To put the equipment to some use, there must be a relative or friend to gift the equipment to.

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Or send it to me…we got lots of channels here in the Denver Metro Area. :slight_smile:


You can get 12" standoff mounting bracket that should clear your soffit if it is a typical FL house.

Look at: Skywalker SKY32815 (1 Pair) 12" Heavy Duty Wall Mount (SKY-32815)

But you are in a challenging area: The Villages, FL 32163


You might want to check out this discussion group in The Villages, Lady Lake, FL

Antenna for over the air tv? channels?

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Im 40 miles away from my broadcast towers (with some hills in between) and none of those Mohu/flat antennas work for me, I had to go with an Antenna Direct db8e mounted on an unused chimney … with that and a proper pre-amp I get a ton of channels.


Not to sound like a shill (I’m not!); but I would first try an Antop AT-400B Antenna (comes with a 14 dB amplifier).

Purchase it through Amazon or through Antop Direct (No sales Tax and No Shipping (and CHEAPER than Amazon!).

You have only ONE possible Station that is VHF (WESH-DT), but it is 57.9 miles away, and it looks like it has a Repeater a little closer (WESH) (or maybe its the other way around. But if you want to try and get that station, get the AT-400BV (it’s only $4 more on Antop’s site), which has the addition of a VHF Dipole (works for FM, too!). I just got the AT-400BV, and even sitting on my computer desk to test it out, gets stations rock-solid that my RCA ANT-800 (Amplified) “leaf” antenna doesn’t even register. And, it is getting some stations that are as “down in the dirt” signal-wise, as your situation.

Of course, RIGHT after I bought my AT-400BV, Antop came out with a “more betterer” Antenna/Amp combo (which is also significantly more expensive). Don’t know anything about it, except it uses a new Adjustable Amplifier with a built-in Splitter, and the Antenna itself is larger. Check out the “SBS” Series (there appear to be 2 models).

One thing about the AT-400 series is that they even come with a “stand”, so you can just sit them on the floor or a shelf somewhere (even if it is only to try them out). They also have built in mounts for side-of-house mounting and “pole” mounting. I would try to get the antenna outside on a pole or a balcony (if not the roof), but at least in the attic if practical.

Oh, and by the way, under U.S. Federal Law, NO restrictions can be placed by Zoning, Home Owner’s Association, Local or State Law, Tin-Dictator-with-a-Napoleon-Complex, etc. that would Restrict the placement of an Outdoor Antenna. So, no worries on that score. Of course, they will still TRY; but you can tell them to take a hike with impugnity. Just FYI.

Hope this helps!


Or provided with a Pringles-Can WiFi Antenna; so you can “borrow” a neighbor’s WiFi…




Yeah, I know you were. I was just agreeing with you. :smile:


It might be 4 years ago. I know I got it when I was in the Denver area, back in ~2014-2015.


Just as an FYI, looks like Amazon has a “renewed” AT-400B antenna for $78.99 right now.



I checked the available channels for my address if using the “Big Boy AT-400BV” and it show a bunch of channels, but all are listed as weak. The other three, “Omni Wing AT-417B”, “UFO Dual-Omni AT-415B” and “Paper Thin AT-125B” all came back with no channels. How reliable is there web page for the available channels, do you think?