I cant delete the thumb nails on all recordings

I had a problem with not being able to delete show thumb nails on my duel quad could not get the problem solved here. Bought a 4th gen and it is doing the same thing. How do i delete the the thumb nails?
This sucks!!! When I select one of the thumb nails on the app on my phone there is just a black screen with a symbol spinning like it is trying to load something

In the Latest section under the “All Recordings” screen, if you click on a show, that will take you to the 2nd listing screen. This is where you have to choose manage episodes to delete anything.

The icons you see in the other sections at the top like Shows, Movies and Sports they can not be removed. They are more like suggestions.

Try using another device or computer and see if the same. Seems different Tablo apps and devices can work a little different.

Could it be that the data asociated with tablo app on the phone needs to be cleaned up. You could always exit the tablo app, delete the app data, and reboot the phone to see if the thumbnails disappear.

So on the all recordings screen I went to the manage episodes and hit the delete. There are 5 black boxes all with the same title along with other shows that have pictures in them.
It is the 5 black boxes of the same show that I hit delete on all of them but they are still there. Nothing is recorded on them. On the scheduled recordings screen they are not there .

I did what you suggested but they are still there. They are also on mt tv with the roku.
Let me ask this. Is there a way to completely clear the all recordings screen?