I am tired of "Connecting to Tablo"

I have tried connecting my brand new Tablo with Wifi and Ethernet, I have a powerful router, an Asus RT-5300, and I have 3 different TVs, each one has 1 Roku Ultra and 1 Apple TV 4K.

I have tested all my OTA TV channels while placing the antenna on different positions and the results were Signal Power = 70-80% and Signal Quality = 100%, the test were done a different times of the day. Bottom line the antenna was installed in the best possible location at home.

I have cable Internet with 60Mbps, I don’t think this matters, because I have a local hard drive, I am not using the cloud.

I Have restarted the Router, the Tablo and each of the streaming devices: 3 Roku’s and 3 Apple TVs.

I cannot play a TV channel for more than 10-15min and I will get “Connecting to Tablo” and then it will restart the app into the home screen “Live View”

I don’t know what else to do…I am very close to give up, what bothers me is that I prepaid the lifetime subscription, that would be a waste with this level of reliability.

I’ve noticed when I am streaming to more than 1 devices the issues start happening, with a single streaming it happens, but less frequent.

I had this problem and this was the link I was given and I followed it verbatim. Haven’t had a major problem since although we do occasionally still get a “connecting” error.

Although we have 60/6 and it would test at that, the signal itself wasn’t as strong as it could be. Ended up buying the Nighthawk range extender and most of our problems went away.

@logui Have you touched base with our support team? They’ll be able to look at your Tablo’s logs and see exactly what’s happening. www.tablotv.com/ask-tablo

Without further investigation, my guess would be perhaps an issue with the hard drive staying connected.

What happens when you unplug the drive and stream a single Live TV channel?

Yes, I’ve been working with support since last week, thanks

if you aren’t already using a hardwire ethernet between the tablo and the router/wifi-hub, please consider to try/test that and see if it mitigates the issue.

For the wifi side , consider to try one of those network/wifi analyzer apps on cellphone or ipad to see informative stuff about your wifi, maybe some of your client devices are using nonoptimal channels, frequencies, wifi protocols.


I am connected to the router via an ethernet cable. Thanks