I am the new one (or how to stop spamming)

How about you filter out all the “I am the new one”, “I am the new guy”< " I am glad I finally joined", etc posts


@Jestep, you forgot a link to your infected blog site.

Dude, I almost deleted your post! 

But good call… We’ll see what we can do about this.

@TabloTV lol I figured you might :wink:

@cjcox oh yes http://goheretoinfectyourcomputerwithmynastyvirus.com

Better? :stuck_out_tongue:

OK - added even MORE authentication for new users. Let’s hope that keeps the spammers at bay.

@cjcox oh yes http://goheretoinfectyourcomputerwithmynastyvirus.com

Better? :-P

Firefox can’t find the server at goheretoinfectyourcomputerwithmynastyvirus.com.

Anyone have any luck?


Careful - I could send you a few links to REAL nasty stuff if you wish - I’ll glean them from my security and IPS logs and paste them here for you.

I’ve got some nifty Chinese URLs and IP addresses for you to try out. 

Oh, I nearly forgot - my response to @Jestep is “I am the OLD one”  - so there!

And I let my domain reservation expire for that domain gohereto…  sorry, it’s no longer up.

The extra authentication definitely seems to be helping.  I haven’t had to delete any spam since this has been implemented almost a week ago.

@snowcat - Agreed. And haven’t seen any spam registrations either. 

Fingers crossed it’ll stay that way.