Html code on this forum could be breaking Chrome

Could the webmaster kindly allow my browser access to its own controls.

I can’t get to my android Chrome, back/fw/Urlacher bar/ or close the tab. I can only kill Chrome to exit the forum. If on restart, I can’t jump to another tab that is not this forum, I will need to Uninstall chrome or delete the user data, which will obliterate my current working tabs and take time.

On revisit here, likely, disable Javascript, but will break forum.

The first mistake is using Javascript. Javascript slows page load, a security risk, and bars the user from their own controls and layout. Totally forgetting that a browser is a user agent, never an author agent. So, nonsense like the disintegrating page into ads 30 seconds after load, should not be possible. Also, page load time under 400 ms should be the bar to meet. Not 2 seconds, not 4, not 8.

Also, find in page, is disabled. Anyone that is using the internet for information, uses find in page on nearly every web page!!!

Friends don’t let friends use Chrome. With that said, the forum software is “dynamic”, so even using Firefox and Ctrl-F might not get you everything you wanted.

I can’t stand Firefox, more limited than Chrome, which is saying a lot. For example, you cannot disable js for a faster better web surfing, yet have a js white list. I also get and view about 30 webp weather images.

Do not get me wrong, I hate chrome. The best browser was Opera, before they went Wallstreet and sold to the Chinese. Chrome is a memory hog, crashes entire machines, cannot easily control cache storage, etc, etc. Updates break extensions, takes forever to set up, then breaks. Every tool is hidden. The accelerator is not a quarter as fast as uc browser or puffin.
Puffin also works on more web pages than Chrome.

I would say Chrome is my second least favorite browser. Ff wins least favorite.

I mostly use Chrome, as it is usually most accessible. And opera on Android, puffin, uc mini, all have irritating traits, themselves. If puffin had more reliable servers and images did not spontaneously redraw, I would use it as the main android browser.

I hate them all-anymore - , so I use the default browser. I suppose.

I guess the only way to get out of this forum is to hit the android, built-in back arrow, until the browser crashes and disappears, then hopefully a restart will forget the tablo forum tab.

Seems rather stupid and inconvenient.

Give me non dynamic, if this is the price.

Dynamic means restricted, here, I guess. Usually just means slower.

I have zero problems with the forum using Chrome in Android or on my PC. Tabs work just like every other site I have been to.

How? Here the code works fine, but breaks the browser. Simply put, the coder is not content with the page, they must Javascript your browser controls. This is useful for websites to jail you into their web site. But those sites are the ones to avoid like the plague.

So, to get this site not to jail me into the tab on Android, I must not use Chrome. There are other possibilities, like turn off js, or desktop. Older Chrome versions, proxy script strip.

I think you are the only one with issues, @degarb.

This forum has existed for many years, and you are the first to complain of anything like this. You might want to try a friend’s phone and see if they have the same issues.

Agreed. I use the forums multiple times a day on my Android phone and multiple PCs (7 & 10) all in Chrome and have zero issues.

As in zero issues, you mean you can access all of the Chrome menus?

I have zero issues. But very sensitive when a page cripples my browser controls. In this case, using Chrome latest version, not canary, not beta, I cannot close the tab, and am forced to hit back button twenty times to close the tab, to exit the forum and regain control.

I am using desktop and Opera (chrome wrapper now days), now. No problems.

I own about 17 android devices, could test all the others, with differing aNdroid versions. But pointless, since my fastest, best phone, has the issue. And frankly, I haven’t tried a different browser.

My main html concern isn’t this bug or finding a work around. The main problem is with the live guide on the I bought the tablo to solve my wife’s and family addiction to the $25/mo DVR and cable lineup, similar service to sling, but better. However, they all use various chromebooks, and the live TV schedule grid has no Chrome scrollers, so they can only play the first 8 channels or so. This is a HUGGE problem!

I suspect the same coder did this forum and that page.

While live TV is now lost for them, they can play recorded shows and setup recordings on the guide. For me, PBS via antenna is just way better then on cable. Though, I gave up daily TV viewing in 2002, as a maturing brain no longer psychologically needs it, and watching TV takes time, while audio does not.

Yes, I can access this forum on android 7.0 in Chrome and have access to all the Chrome menus.

What advanced setting do you use?

I had to switch to puffin to access this forum. On puffin, I can email self thread links, find in page, close tab. Stuff the code of the forum disables on my version of Chrome.

I just tried using Chrome 66.0.3359.158 on Android 6.0.0 and could do Find in Page, Close Tab, etc. without issue on this forum.

(just saying)

As for the scrolling on the Live TV guide with chrome, I have to make sure the cursor is over the guide for it to scroll with my mouse wheel. Are you trying that?
Actually, it’s been awhile since I used chrome to look at the live tv guide.

They do not have wheels. I tried setting and drag but no luck.

This forum isn’t coded in-house. It’s an open-source implementation used by other sites as well (like MCEBuddy). Flarum - I believe. Although it has some features I don’t care for (viewing threaded reply still has the duplicate post further down the list, for example) - I don’t have any issues with Chrome usage. I’m not sure Flarum is the cause of browser misbehavior.

I am on Android 7 with latest Chrome. I am just going to use Puffin from now on, for this forum.

I am noticing more forums becoming unusable on Chrome due to the browser controls being disabled by the Javascript. So, need to use a browser that can run scripting but ignore those commands. Early days, we used proxomitron to block odious scripting, then Opera started implementing, then idiots took over the web as smart phones took over. New batch of technically non inclined, and social media users, and 8,11,17 year old web users. My teens still don’t know what a web browser is, despite being on the internet 16 hours a day. They keep telling me that Alexa and Google are we browsers.

When you look at the massive coding of the modern scripted page, it is obvious no one would have time to encode. Massive amounts of lines, megs, where old html would be 5k to do same thing, uglier but faster and more useful to the user…
Php is also easily humanly readable, with very short learning curve. And it just works everywhere.

Though, the speed of Php depends on the web hosting company.

Off topic, but… It is possible that some companies purposely slow down Php to encourage client side scripting. is a great example of such a slow server side hosting that the user will beg for all the downsides of client side scripting. (cpu, memory, security, massive amounts of code to download and execute, slower page loads, obnoxious ads and disintegrating pages, no print, control loss, only author layout, not good for the visually impaired, loss of saving pages, loss of search with never ending pages, reading pacing issues, search engine indexing issues, etc.

Yes, dark ages do come, because people let them come. Give an inch, and they will take a foot. The fall of Roman empire happened hundreds of years before its citizens fled to the invading vandals for more rights and a better life. A canyon is carved one grain at a time. So, every new update or software change, should be evaluated first by what is being lost, before what is being gained. Even losses not noticed, can later become relevant.