How would having two Tablos work?

Say I had one at my primary residence and one at my vacation residence and I want to watch both from whichever residence I’m currently located in: how would I switch or pick Tablos from within the apps?

Just wondering… thanks.

Or what if you had two in the same house?  

I have two separate antennas on my tower, one pointing more south (to get more US stations), one a little more towards Toronto (to get Hamilton and T.O. and a few less US stations).  Used to have a rotor but it broke, so I fixed the two of them.

Both situations would work guys. If there’s multiple Tablos on your network, the app will ask you which one you want to connect to. 

But I guess one would be on my out-of-province’s wifi network and I’d access it via “Tablo Connect”.  I can build a VPN between the two locations at will but that just adds unnecessary overhead with the encrypted packets.  Hence I’d rather just access the distant one via Tablo Connect.

Since there’s no account login how do you know that the two Tablos in two different locations both belong to me?  Reason I ask is that when I buy the guide data I understand it applies to both my Tablos??

Actually I know that we’re currently getting free guide data as part of the pre-order promotion but I’m still a little confused as to how you know the box belongs to me: presumably you recorded the Serial number of MAC address of the unit shipped??

>>> presumably you recorded the Serial number of MAC address of the unit shipped??

Bingo! We will have an ‘account’ area set up in the coming weeks that will show you your subscription and the units that are activated on it.

And yes, you’d access the one that’s out of province via Tablo Connect. 

Awesome.  I’ll buy the lifetime guide option since it applies to all Tablos on “my account”.  Having to pay for each one would have made this product much less attractive.

I’ll be trying moving mine to my out-of-province place (permanently) in the next couple of weeks.  If it performs ok via Tablo Connect I guess I’ll be ordered a second unit for Calgary.

@YYC_TV - Great! Hopefully this will be a good solution for you!

It might not be actually since the Roku isn’t connecting to remote Tablos. Major bummer.

I’ve posted a request for it in the enhancement request forum.

With the Tablo in Arizona, watching in Alberta works rather well using an iPad and ATV. Impressive actually.

But we really need to get this working in the Roku app as well.