How will Tablo handle this?

OK, so interesting question @tablotv.  A few days ago I was looking at the NFL schedule and set the next two Bengals games to record.  One is tonight, and at the time, the other was next Sunday at 1PM.  However, since that game has playoff implications the NFL flexed the game time into a primetime slot (8 or 9 at night).  So, curious on what the Tablo will do.  Will it pick up the change, or will it be locked into the 1PM that game originally was at?

My best guess is that it will pick up the change once the guide provider has that updated data.   Just to be safe, check back around Thursday to verify it is still scheduled to record.

@snowcat is right again… For sports they’ll place a block for a game where they don’t know exactly who will be playing. Then when the update comes in closer to game date, there will be an updated listing with an updated show ID.