How to watch a recording while it's still recording

Hi all,

Everyone seems to be able to do this except me. Today, I set Tablo to record a football game and left the house. I got home one hour after the game started. I went to “recordings,” found it, and hit play. I was able to watch the first hour of the game, but when the recording reached the time at which I had come home – it went straight to live TV and I missed the one hour in between. In other words, I don’t think Tablo continued to record after I started to watch the recording.

Did I do something wrong? I have a 2-tuner Tablo, and was running Tablo on an iPad Air 2, through Apple TV to my TV. The Tablo is connected with an ethernet cable to the home wi-fi router. I would love to know how to do this – there are a lot more football games this year.

Now that the game is done, can you please go check the length of the recording? Is it only an hour or is it the full game?

It’s just one hour.

That should not have happened unless you manually stopped the recording.

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I didn’t manually stop the recording. I don’t remember, but maybe the Tablo dropped the connection (which VERY OFTEN happens with my Tablo).

Drops the connection from the antenna or to the hard drive?

Not sure. The screen on the TV says something like “Apple TV does not have an internet connection” or something like that. I should write it down next time it happens.

Oh, you are using Apple TV and casting it. I am not familiar with the Apple TV. Some one who is might be able to point you in the right direction. Hopefully someone will chime in.

Yup. Thanks.

It is possible your HDD had a disconnect issue. What is the make and model of your HDD?

Also has @MarkPekala upgraded the firmware of his Tablo to 2.2.2?

It might be that. I have a Seagate Portable Plus 1TB (or something like that).

Yep. 2.2.2.

Actually, I tried this again several times yesterday, and it worked every time. As long as the Tablo-to-Apple-TV connection doesn’t drop, everything works as it should.

You could always connect up the USB HDD to your computer and update the firmware on it. Seagate will have an update utility for the firmware. This has fixed disconnect issues for many.

Would there be any risk of losing any recordings?

It will not delete data on the drive.

So I tried to update the firmware on the HDD. I don’t think I ever formatted the drive for my Mac, so when I plug it in, the computer says “the external drive is not readable by this computer.” I chose not to hit the “initialize” button and just ejected the drive. Guess I won’t be updating the firmware . . . .

You don’t need to format th drive, but yes using a PC is likely a lot easier.

@MarkPekala Feel free to send us a note if you’re still seeing this issue. We’re happy to troubleshoot with you directly :smile: