How to troubleshoot USB HD connectivity?

Is there any way to figure out what might be the problem while connecting a USB HD? I have a 2TB Buffalo Linkstation Duo that uses USB 2.0

and try as I might I’ve had no luck with it recognizing the drive and there’s no messages to figure out what could even be the problem.  How are you supposed to debug/troubleshoot such connectivity issues if there’s no indication of what the problem might be.

Bring-your-own-storage is a pain in the ass as it is, if it’s bring-your-own-storage-as-long-as-you-buy-a-new-storage-device-off-of-a-short-list-of-known-to-work-devices that’s more than painful.

From the FAQ:

Right, I’m not using it as a NAS though, I’m using it hooked up via USB (2.0) and it’s a 2TB drive but still no joy :frowning:

Any hard drive that uses 4K sectors instead of 512B sectors will fail.  I can’t tell from the documentation if that is the case with the Buffalo, but it likely is.  

Just to let you know, even my first hard drive that I bought for the Tablo didn’t work.  I still use it backup my PCs, but I understand the frustration buying a 2TB drive that doesn’t work.  

I have an increasing pile of unused HD’s given that I have a 16TB NAS at home, so was hoping to put this unit to good use rather than having it as a doorstop :slight_smile:

Kinda bummed though that NAS isn’t supported (I mean, come on, if it’s on the same gig-e switch there shouldn’t be any issue) and that there’s so many conditions attached to what will and won’t work for USB HDs.  Makes it really less compelling to refer friends to Tablo with all the quirks/conditions when there are other more polished solutions out there on the market.  I really want Tablo to pull through though!

@virtualuk - We’re working on a fix right now that will enable us to work with 4K sector drives. That should eliminate a lot of compatability issues.