How to swap to a larger drive?

Had a terrible experience swapping in a 1TB drive yesterday.  I got a new 2TB WD Elemens drive this morning, so want to swap again.  Did not get a response under Support, so trolling for help here.  Yesterday it took 24 hours for the schedule to download and fill in, etc.  No way to hurry formatting, but are there steps (resetting at certain points in the steps, for example) that would help this go better?  The Prime Time and Shows pages were the big problems.

OK, decided to just move ahead, and it worked out very well.  About 20 minutes start to finish, including formatting the new 2TB drive.  So some of these steps may not be needed; I’ll let those that know more about it than I comment on that.  So here is my step by step:

  1. Quick reset of Tablo; wait for light to be steady.
  2. Disconnect USB drive.
  3. Another quick reset of Tablo; wait for light to be steady.
  4. Plug in new drive.
  5. Quick reset of Tablo; wait for light to be steady.  Note that I did NOT do a factory reset.
  6. Open the web app, and it recognized that there was a new, unformatted drive, so requested a format step.  Wait for light to get steady and/or web app to report same.
  7. Force a manual rescan of OTA channels.
  8. Force a manual update of the schedule.
  9. It remembered one show I had recorded which was still under Recordings; manually deleted it.
  10. Now TV Shows and Prime Time were perfect.  Programmed in the ones I want recorded, and all done.