How to remove old scheduled recording?

How do you remove scheduled recording that no longer shows up in guide data ?

For example, I programmed the Tablo to record the whole season of show XYZ and now the show XYZ is completely finish and will no longer show up on the guide.  I assume Tablo still keep the recording request active for whenever the show XYZ shows up on guide data again but what if I don’t want to record the next season of XYZ, how do I get rid of the old recording request for show XYZ ?

A simple solution would be to delete it whenever show XYZ shows up on my scheduled recording tab again but I am thinking good housekeeping here, all these old recording requests will eventually pile up and be a nuisance to deal with a some later time and that could lead to mysterious bugs

Just go to the schedule page in the web app. Click on the show and remove the orange button to remove the schedule.

@girimurthy The show no longer appears on the schedule page…please read example again.

@lowbee, you can currently only do it on an iPad.  The Ipad keeps track of every show under the Scheduled tab, even ones that are no longer being shown, so you can delete any schedule on that device.

@snowcat good to know you can do it with iPad, hope this functionality can quickly be ported to other platforms like Android and/or FireTV or even the web app


It is in the web app in the Chrome browser on the computer too if I remember correctly.

@lowbee, @theuser86 - confirmed that this is there on the web app also.

No. Doesn’t seem to keep it on the computer. I can only manage shows that actually coming up.

I get burned by this continuously. I recorded a bunch of strange odd things from various channels that run at late night hours when I first got the unit. Now I have no interest in them. Unfortunately, I clicked the ALL button when I scheduled them. Periodically, when these shows pop up again (as they are re-ran rarely in marathon sessions) they get recorded and fill up my drive.

When there are none scheduled in the next 2 weeks, I can’t manage their schedule.

Surely there must be a way to get at those schedules.

Any suggestions because I don’t own an Apple device and the PC (chrome) interface doesn’t keep them either?


@JonPrivatt, as @lowbee suggests below, install Firefox and use that browser to see all your schedules.

The iPad native app is the only other one that sees them all.

Try deleting them from a PC using Firefox…somehow Firefox on PC is able to see shows in my “schedule” tab that neither my FireTV app nor my Android Smartphone app can and those shows showing up on Firefox are shows that do not have a schedule event in the next 2 weeks.

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Wow, good catch. I tried it, and yes, you see all the schedules with Firefox.

It looks like Firefox is the solution. I’ve never logged into it with myTablo and there they are!

Smells like a bug with Chrome implementation.


Haha Yeah, I hope TabloTV doesn’t decide to FIX this :cold_sweat:

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