How to record with slow 1.5 internet

have both internet and antenna. Sounds like tivo has the item that
will record from internet and the antenna. Can Tablo do that? Do I
need additional equipment? Reading
a few post I’m thinking I need faster internet and can only record
from the antenna or internet, not both and at least not both at once.

What I want is to be able to record from my antenna and a movie for later watching from netflix. Is that possible with the internet speed I have?


Tablo only records Over The Air ( OTA ) channels. The internet would only be used if you were watching your Tablo from outside your home.

Neither Tablo nor Tivo “record from the internet”.  Tivo has an app which allows Netflix movies to be streamed from the internet (as does Roku and a gajillion other devices).  Tablo “just” records OTA shows for streaming.

I would think that 1.5 Mbps internet is insufficient for streaming Netflix.  It should not prevent you from using Tablo within your home network though.  

Thanks, Sounds like Tivo has the best system. I have the Directv tivo now and looking for ways to cut the cable. Channel master has a dvr recorder.  I don’t know much about it, other than it will record from the antenna.

There is a ton of discussion of Tivo vs. Tablo.  I am in the process of decomissioning my Tivo in favor of Tablo due to Tablo’s flexibility and suitablity to my particular setup.

If you’re streaming to an AppleTV (built-in) or Chromecast you can use Netflix. DVR+ won’t stream Netflix.