How to pay for subscription

My free subscription runs out this weekend. So Sad. I received an email with link to pay. I went to link and I do not see any way to pay. It says I have never been billed and next billing on Feb 1st. I have seen on the Tablo web app that it looks like can pay? Not near my computer to test. Does anyone know any information on this? Love my Tablo

Dumb question, but you did log in to, right?

Thanks Pundit. yes it was a dumb question. I figured out that you use the account options to pick plan. I’m sure that will someday be changed since I doubt I will be the only one to ask this dumb question. Was not obvious to me. 

@a9erfan I meant my question was dumb :slight_smile:  Did you get your subs sorted then?

Sorry I took it incorrectly. Yes figured it out

Glad you got it sorted out @a9erfan. Thanks for your purchase and sorry you found it confusing.

My free subscription also ran out. Now I’m receiving a bill asking for my credit card information and no way to set it to No Subscription. My Tablo is sitting unplugged. I’ve not used it more than a few hours total since I got it 5 or 6 months ago. Until there is a FireTV interface I have no use for it. How can I set my account to a status that doesn’t get me billed?


I guess I’m locked into Tablo now - subscribed to the lifetime a couple of days ago. For me you’ll not lose money - you could lose money on this model if all the 20-something year olds sign up for lifetime.
I guess you figured nothing to lose with all us old geezers signing up for lifetime, eh? 

@shadowspapa - Maybe you should will your Tablo to your kids then? ;) 

I got a bill for a month of service. I purchased a lifetime subscription. Tried to add my Tablo and it says it is a duplicate serial number. My account says there are no Tablos associated with my account, yet I had the 6 month intro subscription.

Any idea how to fix this.


Call Tablo Customer Service tomorrow during working hours. They should be able to fix you up.

@Thor - Give us a ring and we’ll get you patched up!