How to format new HD?

So my HD died, I think. I got a “No Hard Drive” status on the Tablo.

I unplugged it, plugged in a new one, reset the Tablo, and I still get a “No Hard Drive” message. :confused:

I tried both ports. I tried unplugging. I tried pressing the red button on the back for a reset. I did NOT do a factory reset, I don’t want to lose all my scheduled recordings.

Last time I connected a new drive was when I got the Tablo ~3 years ago, I don’t remember how to format the drive??

I did submit a ticket, just wanted to see if it’s something simple/stupid the community can help with.

I factory reset my Tablo when I went from a 300 GB drive to a 1 TB drive.

If you plug a phone into the USB ports, do they charge your phone?

Good idea, I’ll try that now.

It charges! Alright, so it seems the Tablo is not fried.

Alright, it worked.

A few more resets, and I changed ports, it finally saw it. Formatting now.