How to exit Tablo search screen when no matches are found

We are fairly new to Tablo and have found a weird quirk. When we use the search function to search for a show, if no results are found, we CANNOT seem to get off the search screen. We can press the “back” key to our heart’s content, we can “delete” what we searched for, we can press “next” and “previous,” and nothing works to get us back to the main Tablo screen. We have an Amazon Fire TV box, and even if we hit the “home” key and then go back into the Tablo app, it will return us right to the search screen. It’s maddening! Our workaround has been to search for a show that we KNOW it will find, then select “next” and then hit the back button to go back to the main Tablo screen. This can’t be the only way, can it!? We must be doing something wrong, but we can’t figure it out. I’ve googled and searched this forum and have found no one with a similar issue. What in the world are we doing wrong? Any help is greatly appreciated.

I just tried it on my FireTv, and hitting the back key after a failed search goes back to the main menu as expected.

Have you tried rebooting your FireTv?

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