How to do inital Tablo connect wirh protected wifi

I just bought a Tablo. I am trying to connect it to my wifi. My wifi is protected by mac address list and password. I entered the Tablo mac address from the bottom of the unit in my wifi list. I use my android smartphone and download the Tablo TV app. I am able to start the setup, connect to the wifi on my Tablo and see the available wifi networks. I choose my protected wifi network and put in the password but it never connect to my wifi network. I have tried several times and tried rebooting the Tablo, no luck. How can I get this working ? Thanks.

I don’t think you can do it like that, just use normal wifi.

My suggestion would be to try connecting this to a different network first to ensure that everything is working on your Tablo. Whether you use a hotspot on your phone or a different WiFi, this might help you determine if this is a problem connecting to your network or if the Tablo is not working correctly.

This will also help to make sure that there isn’t a transposition when copying your MAC address into your router. (You should even be able to copy/paste it for later use).

Yes, it is a bit of a hassle with the current system to change WiFi networks later… but it’s not impossible.

This definitely does work. I have my wifi protected the same way.

Have you added the Tablo Mac adddress directly into your router?

The MAC address that is printed on the label on the unit is for the wired interface. I don’t think you can find the MAC address for the wireless interface without actually having the Tablo DVR connected to your router.