How to convert from WiFi connecton To E*N connection

Background: Initially installed Tablo to my home network via PowerLine E*N adapters. Worked fine.Then… one of my PL adapters failed. I ordered a new, update pair.

While waiting for the new PL adapters to arrive, connected my Tablo to my network via the WiFi setup procedure (disconnect E*N, quick reboot, stc, etc, etc) - worked like a champ.

Now I want to go back to PL adapters and “wired” E*N.

Cannot find anything that tells me the best, most fool proof way to make it hppn.

Looking for advice from any who have done this.

As far as I know, as long as there is an ethernet connection available, that is what the Tablo will use.

Yep, just plug it in and you are good. Unplug and you are back to Wifi

Plug the Ethernet cable, make sure the lights on the back of the Tablo turn on, and tap the blue button to power cycle the Tablo. Then it’ll be on Ethernet.