How to connect when there's a Comcast DTA?

Hi !

I live in California and have a really old TV and Comcast sent me a small DTA’s digital adapter are made by Cisco.  The cable from the wall goes into the DTA and another cable comes out of it to the TV.  The DTA remote controls channel changing and volume.
In this setup, how can I plug the Tablo into this ?  I’ve tried having the cable from the wall directly into the Tablo but channel scan get 0.  Same if I use the cable that come out of the DTA into the TV.

The Tablo does not work with cable TV.  You have to hook an antenna to the Tablo to receive and record channels.  

The Tablo also does not hook into TVs directly.  Right now, you need an AppleTv, Roku, or Chromecast attached to your tv to receive channels on it.   Since you have an old TV, it probably doesn’t have HDMI.  That limits you to using a Roku 1 or Roku 2.


Ok, thanks snowcat !