How to configure Tablo app from remote to connect to my Tablo at home?

Hello. Again, I’m new to Tablo. I’m traveling and I just downloaded Tablo App to the fire tv stick at my son’s home where I’m currently staying. When I open Tablo, it just blinks and says it can’t find a Tablo. I want to point it to the url where my home tablo is at. I know I can connect to it remotely because my port forwarding configuration on my router/firewall is working as I can connect to it remotely from my iPad. I don’t see a settings option on the fire tv tablo app! Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance.

Take said Fire TV home back to where the Tablo is located, the Fire TV must be paired locally before it can be used remotely.

That is dumb. Why can’t I possibly give the tablo app the url or IP address where the “remote” tablo is? I just got here from a 1,780 mile trip from my home! I don’t want to go back just to pair my son’s fire tv stick. This is dumb.

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Call Tablo Support directly on Monday and ask them.

Many agree with the stoopidy of it all. Nevertheless, a click or two could have saved aggravation, there’s a lot of info about it -

Out-of-Home Streaming

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Yes, very stooooopid. I have prepared my Tablo and my router/firewall before I drove 1,780 miles to visit my son for Christmas. I also tested my port forwarding from the tablo app on my ipad connected to my iphone’s hotspot while at home. Now, I would like to watch the recordings from my son’s big TV usng his fire tv stick but unfortunately, the tablo app in the fire tv stick does not know where my tablo is, and, it does not let me input the url or IP address where the target tablo is! Dumb. If I knew this before I bought tablo, it would have been a deal breaker. And, I purchased the one year tv guide subscription! Is there other device out there like tablo? How about HDHomerun? Can I possibly stop the one year subscription before it kicks in on my 1 month anniversary?

I’d love to use your tablo’s URL or IP address to watch and manage your device.

Sounds like your Tablo is new, return it within the 30 days if it doesn’t do what you want.

Thread from 5 years ago discussing your same concern.

Well, I’ll just eat my mistake. I have my 13” iPad Pro with me that has the Tablo App “paired” with my Tablo at home. It’s good enough to watch my recordings from it.

Wow, this was already a known issue 5 years ago and Tablo hasn’t given in to such consumer concern? Again, I’ll eat my mistake. But then, Amazon has given me up to January 31st to return this device. I have looked at the Hdhomerun and Plex but I’m concerned of the intensive processing that the plex server needs to access the hdhomerun files.

There’s probably some legal issues they’re trying to avoid. By requiring the in-home device pairing, they can be sure that it’s actually a personal device. If you could give anyone a login to connect, they can’t. They don’t want to get hit with an Aereo suit.

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No one wants to maintain a 7/24 authentication server. It’s a single point of failure. No one wants to be the employee on call to fix a down server at 3 AM.

Lots of people working from home are already using VPN’s. Since most home ISP routers are already being port scanned why not just avoid the danger and use VPN.

Maybe… Apple USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter

I don’t think the kind of VPN most people run at home helps in this situation. Most users connect to a VPN in the cloud to hide their traffic from their ISP. Or to one at their employer to connect to their corporate LAN. To connect to a Tablo at home, you need to be running a VPN server on your router or some other server on your local LAN. That’s pretty out there for most consumers.

That said, I’m doing it - VPN server running on my UniFi router (USG).


Most users may not even know what a VPN is.

But if you have run a VPN client it probably has dawned on you that it’s an encrypted tunnel between the VPN client to a business VPN server to a target device…

It should be simple for those users to transpose a corporate server to a user server. And thus begins the search for possible consumer VPN solutions.

This part is a big jump for many to comprehend and implement (I am not judging anyone by any means, but it’s not that simple).

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No, it’s certainly not simple. Most VPN users are given the config details by the VPN provider or corporate IT. In many cases it’s an app that does the configuration, or a file they just install on the computer. Actually setting up the VPN server (with port forwarding as needed), plus DDNS so you can actually reach the router from the internet, then creating the client configuration to match, is not trivial.

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It can be hard. But maybe if a simple pairing that tablo supports is not sufficient - then maybe it’s VPN.

And even I could click a few buttons that on my netgear router to set it up and obtain my client credentials. And for those who can’t remember their routers IP address they even supply the link to

so what about this: if i get a tablo, connect it to my other devices in my house. then ship the tablo to my brother and he plugs it in. Will i be able to access the tablo?


That probably won’t work. The pairing you do at your home network is destroyed when the tablo is plugged in to a different network. It may work if your network subnet, and SSID’s as well, is duplicated in your brother’s network. Let’s hear from others.

Again, just guessing, but I think you’re ok as long as the IP is the same.

Would be an interesting thing to test.