How to change Title of already recorded program

I have a lot of programs I’ve recorded whose titles don’t reflect the content so I would like to change the title - any way to do that??

No there is not, unless you copy them off the Tablo to some other media playback system (Plex, Emby, etc).

Thanks for the response, but after copying them off can you copy them back with the new title showing up in the normal Tablo recorded menu?

No. Can’t go back. That’s one of the reasons many of us only use the Tablo for initial recording and short term storage, and use some other system for archival storage and playback.

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I have a lot of programs I’ve recorded whose titles don’t reflect the content of the program.
Is there a way I can change the title of an already recorded program??

Sorry @Waldo but that’s not currently an option.

Are you running into this problem because of a guide data issue?

On PBS, I like entries like

Around the world in 80 days

Does not even show the episode number !

Sounds like your local PBS station is messing up and not submitting program info correctly. My PBS shows all have episode numbers.

As noted previously… using 3rd party app to export recordings and name them exactly how you need them to fit your needs.

There’s also discussion around using a DVR and a media library. Sure you can store terabytes of video, but if you have an issue with your tablo… you have a problem playing hundreds of hours of videos.

There are many users running one of the original released tablo units running current firmware and haven’t missed a show yet.

Some serial programs (mostly Nova, Nature, etc.) come out as a single program then later I find out it’s actually one of a series - but too late to note in the recorded title where it falls in the series. Sometimes ends up recording the same thing twice. PLUS MANY other typos or poorly stated titles.

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