How to best use a Tablo in my motor home

I travel 4-5 months each summer in our motor home. I have a Tablo quad at home with a guide subscription. If I buy a new Tablo (HDMI) for the motor home I probably need another subscription for the new Tablo. The problem I see is that the subscription is tied to a location and I move often in the motor home. Is there an issue with getting the guide tied to a new location every week or so?

I don’t think so. Just do a channel rescan with a nearby zip code when you’re stationary.

Thanks, I was pretty sure that a rescan will find the channels available, just wasn’t sure how the guide would load.

As long as your Tablo has access to the internet, the guide will repopulate with the new data for the area you’re in. But perhaps this is a big “IF” depending on how you do internet while on the road!

Not sure where the “tied to a location” comes from

Your Tablo TV Guide Service subscription is tied to YOU, not a specific device.

You can change or upgrade to a new Tablo DVR and keep your existing TV Guide subscription

No mention of location, unless it’s in some obscure Knowledge Base article.

We know you can swap your guide subscription between devices via, regardless of location. I recall an post @TabloTV saying there isn’t really a limit, but don’t have a reference.

ie) for 4-5 months you could have the subscription on one tablo, then transfer it to the other tablo for the remaining 8-7 months.

Why not take the home Tablo with you? Then you will have all your recorded shows with you, and just rescan when you change locations. No new device and no new subscription needed. If you have internet access (hotspot or other) you could also subscribe to Philo for $25 and get access to lots of networks as well as some sub channels that are also OTA, like MeTV, Decades, Story, and the like. Even less expensive is Frndly with some of the same OTA but fewer networks but including A&E, History, and some Hallmark Channels.

Isn’t there a old huge thread about network tablos needs for a router and STB’s that work without internet access.

Thanks for the reply. That is good to know. I will plan to just move the subscription to my new Tablo when I leave for the summer. Good suggestion.

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Thanks for the suggestion but my home tablo is a quad and network attached. I think a dual HDMI Tablo will work better in the motorhome. I won’t need an extensive library of recordings so I don’t mind if I leave my home Tablo behnd. Thanks again for the response.

Thanks for the reply. What I now understand from you and others is that I can “move” my subscription to a new device in my coach. Most of my internet will be via a hotspot so data will be a concern. Hopefully downloading a new guide each time I rescan will not be too data intensive.

Yes there are some inexpensive streaming options available but they all take data. Campground WiFi is usually not the best for streaming so I revert to a hotspot and even though I have a 50GB plan, there may be some months that that will not suffice. The Tablo uses almost no data and I can save the data for what is not available OTA.

To help clarify for those stumbling across this, The HDMI/TV connected tablo devices are marketed as not as reliant on the internet as much at the network connected ones.

They still need internet connectivity - from time to time. Network tablo’s don’t use the internet to stream in house, they over your home network - but it’s still a requirement -.


fixed spelling error/wrong wording - reliable > reliant

Again, for clarity, i believe you meant to say “not as reliant” rather than “not as reliable”.

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uh… yea, that’s what I meant.
I’d like to blame it on auto correct, but it’s likely marked as misspelled and I actually got to select it myself.


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