How to access Tablo from new wifi network

Our Tablo has been working fine, but our wifi router died. We had to buy a new router and set up a new wifi network. I had the Tablo connected to the old router via ethernet, so I unhooked the ethernet cord from the old router and pkugged it into the new one, but I am wondering how to get my Tablo connected to my Tablo app on this new network. When I go into the app, it asks if I want to connect to my Tablo or connect to a new Tablo. When I select “connect to my Tablo” it says it can’t find my Tablo, i am afraid to try the “new Tablo” option for fear I will lose all my settings. What is the best way to get everything communicating on the new network? I read something about logging out of one network before connecting to a new one but I can’t access Tablo on the old network to logout because the network is dead. Thanks for any help.

Leave the Tablo connected via Ethernet. On the device you’re using, delete the Tablo Web app, reboot the device, re-install the Tablo Web app. It should find the Tablo and connect to it.

Did you use DHCP on the old network or did you have a DHCP Reservation? If you had a reservation, did you remember to set up a reservation in the new router? You should be able to wait for the amount of time of the lease and then try connecting. Does your router have a way to force a device to disconnect?

@dvras Connecting to a ‘new Tablo’ is really just ‘New to this device’. It won’t impact any of the data on your Tablo.

It sounds like the Tablo itself is already on the network - the device(s) you’re using may have just lost their pairing. See if there’s a Tablo to be discovered in the ‘Add a new Tablo’ screen. If you still have trouble, feel free to send us a note and we can help out.