How to access recorded shows on 2nd TV?

I successfully set up my Tablo on my primary TV. Now I want to watch recorded programs on my 2nd TV and when I open the app using Roku, it can’t locate the Tablo. I’m not sure how to set it up.

Your 2nd TV has a Roku attached to it and has the Tablo channel installed on it?

If yes, how is the Roku connected to your router?

1st TV has antenna connected to Tablo and I’m using Roku to access.
2nd TV is a Roku TV and I’ve installed the Tablo app. When I open the app, it searches and can’t find the Tablo. Everything is connected via Wifi.

That is weird if they are all connected to the same router - can you connect to the Tablo using a smartphone or tablet?

If my phone is connected to Wifi, then it just tries to connect and then times out. If I turn off the Wifi on my phone then it connects pretty quickly to the Tablo.

This would seem to imply at some point your phone was able to connect to your Tablo on your network and as a result is connecting via Tablo Connect when you are not on your network.

Honestly this sounds backwards to me. I would have thought you would more likely have had issues connecting remotely if you didn’t have port forwarding, etc. configured for your Tablo on your router.

You aren’t segmenting your network or anything are you?

What is the make and model of your ISP modem?

What is the make and model of your router?

Are you sure your ISP modem doesn’t also broadcast a WiFi network?

On the Roku connected to the working TV, check the Roku settings to verify the network it’s connected to. Make sure your other Roku is on the same network.

Sorry, my reading comprehension sucks this morning.