How often should I have to reset the Tablo?

Second time today I have had to hit the reset button in order to connect from my devices. This Tablo is no more than a week old.  …A couple questions…

1. When it’s not connecting, is the whole box in toaster mode, or just the web application? Just curious if I don’t go in there and reset it asap, will it miss recordings…?

2. Does having to reset often indicate a hardware failure or even an overheating issue? Should I try to place the box in a cooler location?


I have to reset mine almost everyday because of the Error: No Signal message or because it’s incredibly slow to load channels.

@perenner - You shouldn’t have to reset your box. 

There are a few issues that we know about (one of which is the ‘no signal’ error you’re seeing @ocsurf) that will be remedied with a new firmware which is coming shortly.

Please place a ticket with support so we can diagnose what’s going on with your unit. 

I never have to reset my Tablo…except maybe after an upgrade; otherwise, it has been running non-stop for many months…

I have had mine since May 2014 and I have never had to reboot it to fix any issues. Only reboots were after firmware upgrades.

I have only reset mine twice and once was per the direction of Tablo Support… the other time was I was just goofing and did it accidentally when my finger grazed the button by mistake.