How many Tablo units sold?


Curious as to how many units have been sold or if a more accurate metric would be how many customers.


Does Samsung care whether it has 750K TV customers or that it sold 1 million televisions? The extra 250K televisions is demand and units not sold by a competitor.


Just curious as to how many units are sold. If they’re sitting in Amazon’s inventory but considered “sold” I don’t really care. Just looking for a number.


Which you’re unlikely to get from Nuvyyo, as it’s business proprietary information.


The metric depends on the measure, unless you’re into assumptions.
The number of units sold doesn’t give you the number of customers, cuz 1 customer could buy 100 units.
The number of customers doesn’t give you the number of units, for the same reason.

However, using assumptions, the number of units sold is probably close to the number of customers, cuz most customers will only buy 1 unit, so it doesn’t matter which metric you obtain.

Another metric is the number of users in a community forum, like this one.
We have around 12K users, however, not every customer creates a community forum account, and every forum user is not a customer, but most probably are.

So, an estimate would be there are probably at least 12K units sold.
I recall a study stating customers were 5 times more likely to complain than praise a product, or service.
Historically, product user forum posts are mostly populated with complaints.

Extrapolate that out to meaning…
5 (customer complaint factor) x 12K (forum user count) = 60K units sold

How’d I do @TabloTV? :wink:



I could tell you how to get a very close approximation of the total units of all types but I don’t think it is a wise business decision to disclose that information.


I’m standing behind 59,999 other customers.
Good luck!


Probably at least 12,275.


At least 13,804 and more then 22,546 and probably more then 58,607.


They sell about as many as they can make, which is all I need to know. Very pleased with these guys and I hope they sell a million more.


It’s a great product. I hope they sell a billion and are also successful with ATSC 3.0.

But let me know when they manufacture unit 16,777,214. Sixteen may be my lucky number.


I would start by looking at serial numbers…

Manufacturers typically encode date, so your serial would only be for year purchased.

Make it a contest… Who has oldest and newest Tablo device of each family, type, application etc. Maybe reference to drive age / failures.


Good guess based on how other manufactures work. But I’m not sure that’s the case here.