How many have you bought / helped sell?

So we had some family over for the holidays and after demonstrating our Tablo / PC / Roku system, one of the attendees hit a Best Buy the very next day to buy a Tablo.

At least one other plans to get one within the next couple of months, and myself, I have now bought 3 of them, one for myself, one for my parents, and one for my uncle… (All 4-tuners)

If I hadn’t already bought the lifetime subscription I might be angling for some sort of friends and family discount / referral rebates! :grin:

Just got me wondering, anyone else been spreading the good word of Tablo?

(I have also demoed it to a few co-workers as well but don’t think any of them have taken the plunge yet)

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A few at least, but you know, there’s going to be a ton you don’t know about.

For me there’s two things: 1. Just educating people about OTA and/or cordcutting 2. Telling people about the Tablo products.

Often times I end up doing both and #1 can sometimes be difficult, even with a demo.

[quote=“cjcox, post:2, topic:13679”]
there’s going to be a ton you don’t know about.
[/quote]Yep, I often wonder about that as well, i’m sure there were a few.

Thanks guys! We very much appreciate all of the word-of-mouth advertising!

Yep I got my cousin on board with the Tablo as well.

Maybe I can get more on board when a new 4 tuner comes out.