How many devices do you have plugged in at your equipment cabinet?

My outlet strips have multiplied since I cut the cord.

Well, that is an interesting question. I just checked our network and I have 31 reservations on the router and at least 8 of those are due to the cord cutting. Cheers, J

My home network has 22 devices per my router. Maybe 5 are Roku’s and 1 Tablo. In terms of just electrical equipment, I have 2 powered antennae, some powered amp/pre-amp for the antennae, but some of this takes the place of cable boxes.

Another related issue. Had a decent router. Found that devices were dropping. Found that my router can only support 15 wireless devices. So, I looked around to see where I could add a switch and plug in devices. In so doing, I have added 2 switches which converts maybe 8 devices from wireless to wired.

I guess I would classify mine as “a lot”


I have what seems like a shocking number of ethernet connections:

4 Roku Players
1 Nexus Player
3 direct ethernet to TV’s
1 Temp/Humidity Sensor
4 desktop computers

About the only thing that is wireless in my house is the Ipad, cell phones, and the laptop (none of which has an RJ45 jack).

All this and I don’t even think of myself as a technology geek!

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According to my UniFi USG (router), I have 14 wireless clients in the house and 33 wired clients. And those numbers don’t count the 3 wireless access points and 4 ethernet switches.


I like it. Sooo neat !


I have 25 different devices on my network. iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs fire tvs. With a family of 5, it seems like everyone has a lot of devices.

Oh yeah printers too.

I have 23 connected devices, 4 wired and next to the router, and the rest wireless. Using 5 GHz on devices that support it, and 2.4 GHz for those that don’t.

What’s funny is that when you call as ISP to discuss pricing, they always ask how many devices you’re using, but that’s misleading. Most of these devices use little data when compared with Roku devices that may be streaming internet sourced video. My Nest Thermostat, Amazon Echo Dot and many other devices don’t use nearly as much. And tho I have 3 tablets, they don’t all see simultaneous use. ISPs need to be smarter when helping non technical users assess their needs and not base it strictly on the number of connected devices.

27 devices. 6 (NAS, Shield TV, Tablo, Desktop PC, security system base and TV) are hardwired, everything else is wireless.

My Fing Box shows 33 devices

My AppleTV’s, Plex Server, Fing, HDhomerun and Tablo are the only things I have hardwired.