How long will a remote device remember where home is

My home in NJ gets no OAT channels. My home in VA gets loads of them. Bought a Tablo and gave Dish the heave ho. So far all is well. My laptop and iphone 8 are logging in remotely. This is the primary reason for the Tablo. My question is, How long can I expect the devices to remember where home is ? My router resets itself every night by use of a timer from amazon. This helps my security cameras and thermostat from losing its connection. Those items seem to stay connected for weeks on end now. Of course this wouldnt be an issue if the Tablo people would get off their butts and make remote log ins happen. Its not like this forum isnt screaming for it. I have read some VPN threads but it seems a bit over my head. I have to drag my desktop down to VA next time I go. I hope its not in vain.

Ideally should last. But I know in the past (been a while) seem like new updates made me force a re-pairing of the end device. But I haven’t had to do that in more than a year.

great to know. Thanks for the reply.


My pairing seems to last about a week. This is unacceptable when you spend the entire winter in Florida and your Tablo is useless to you until you return “up North” in the spring. “Pairing” is the worst feature of the Tablo and it is the reason that I steer friends and relatives clear of Tablo when I help them “cut the cord”.

Tablo, are you listening to your customers? Please implement an option for a user ID and password setup.

That’s my concern. I hope to find a reliable work around. Looks like people have had some success with VPNs it seems pretty complex though. I also believe that remote access is the most important feature. If I am home I can watch a program on a 55 inch screen. Not an iPhone. I don’t record much.