How long to get channels added to guide?

I submitted a support request about some of my channels not having guide information.

I was able to get most of them by changing my postal code but am still missing four channels.

How long does it take the guys at Tablo (who seem to be laying blame at the “guide providers feet”) to get the channels added?

I want to make sure things are going to be good before my 30 days of free guide info runs out. There is no way I’m going to pay for a “partial” guide.

It all depends. Some people have a quick resolution.

@beastman has been waiting for 2 months to get his guide fixed up.

You could always try yet another postal code. I gave up waiting so I looked at a local zip code map and picked the most populated area that would be within range of the towers. Now I get data for everything on my guide.

I know it’s frustrating because it is a service that you are paying for, but it has worked for me and I am satisfied for now.

My problem is there is data, just it is WRONG.  I even found the schedule in a PDF file and provided a link (several times) yet it has still been over two months.  By the time they finally get the schedule data correct, I won’t be watching the station any more because we are getting  new station that should be 5 green circles (it is a sub-channel of an existing station that is 5 green circles).  The 17-5 channel is 3 orange or red circles. The new station has the same shows only at different times.

Hey folks - just wanted to let you know that we’re working with our data provider to see if we can get things moving a bit faster. We agree that 2 months is much too long given that the usual standard is ~10 days.

Will Christmas be here first? Or perhaps my birthday :-)  See the other channel with contact info for people at stations involved.

@Beastman - We had a chat w/ the team late last week. They’ve promised to move things along more quickly. I’ll see if we can speak to them specifically about your tickets.

My birthday is June 30, hopefully it is fixed bus then.

If it takes that long, I will personally ship you a birthday cake. 

But if you've seen some of my other post, you'll know we are getting another new station on May 1. I won't be expecting the new station that fast, and hopefully within a month of it going live.  I know- no channel, no guide for "coming channel". I'll let you know as soon as I see the station is live, or if I get an email from Mark (the engineer) about it being live or delayed for some reason.  He told me "by May 1" so it might come early.  I rescanned this weekend hoping, but not yet. :-( but the date he said hasn't passed yet.

Happy birthday!!!