How long has your wifi adaptor lasted?

So after 6 months the wifi adapter on my dual lite is toast. They are sending me a replacement but still. I can’t connect to Ethernet as the antenna lead and internet are in two separate rooms. It worked fine up until today. Has anyone had a unit using wifi only that has worked over a year? Over two years? If i knew these units weren’t gonna last I never would have purchased a tablo.

If the WiFi radio fails but the wired connection is working, you could always connect to a WiFi extender configured as an access point.

I have not owned my Tablo long enough to know how long it will last. But in general, I have owned a lot of wifi adapters over the years (I am in my 70s) and my experience is that “heat kills”. If it is getting noticeably hot to the touch, it will shorten it’s life span. So I try to keep all my electronics cool. And even then, they do fail… but usually they last long enough that it is time for an upgrade anyhow.

It’s ventilated well. But the thing does get hot.

Mine has been running 5.5 years.

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Original owner since June 2014. Original 1TB HGST Touro as well.

I’d say that’s pretty good.

Augmented with a 2nd 2-tuner Tablo are year or so after that. Same reliability.

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Mine does too… so I mounted a muffin fan on top. One made to cool media center equipment… I run it on low and it keeps things cool.

This is the fan I purchased: AC Infinity MULTIFAN S3, Quiet 120mm USB Fan for Receiver DVR Playstation Xbox Computer Cabinet Cooling

I have had it for about a week, so I don’t know the long term effectiveness, but so far, quiet and cool.

I agree: Not a Tablo WiFi adapter but after I got my laptop in 2013 (typing on it now) I soon replaced the Wifi adapter with a better one. This laptop gets hot - it’s hot to the touch now where the fan exhausts - and the WiFi adapter I installed started failing a few month back and I needed to reinstall the original. Other than the heat and the wimpy WiFi this laptop is still working well for me as I installed an SSD and this laptop is blazing fast. Ok, a hinge is bad and the battery is somewhat weak but it keeps on going and going and going…

Am guessing since the Tablo has no on/off switch the fan runs 24/7? I like your idea!

Yes, but (don’t you just love the “Yeah, buts”) my fan is not plugged into the Tablo directly… to save heat in the Tablo, I have it plugged into my surge protector (which has a USB outlet). So fan and Tablo are 24/7… and my Tablo is actually plugged into an UPS, since we do get frequent short power fails here. My critical LAN infrastructure is also on an UPS (for the same reason). I find that electronics do not like power failures (especially disc drives).

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If worse comes to worse and it goes when out of warranty I’ll get a powerline adapter.

I have 3 tablos, hdhomerun, and Roku connected to an 8-port switch into a powerline adapter. It’s worked like a champ for over 5 years.

Nice. I didn’t know you could hook up a port switch to it. I’m using plex pass for my DVR until I get my replacement. Was going to use my trusty Windows Media Center but turns out MS is discontinuing the guide data tomorrow. Bad timing haha. After hooking up my computer, HDhomerun and all the cables that setup requires, it reminds me of the reason I bought a tablo. A clean setup. I find Plex to be a lot slower at loading videos and channels than Tablo.