How I answered the customer survey

I got a customer survey request in email. One of the questions was, “If Tablo could only add one feature that would make your daily use of the product more enjoyable, what would it be and why?”

I couldn’t confine myself to one feature. Here’s how I answered:

"In order of importance:

  1. Proxy service so Tablo can always be found when away from home. Far too often, this doesn’t work.
  2. 30-second forward skip feature on iPhone app, like iPad has.
  3. When remote streaming, remember playback position from local viewing."
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Love your answer to #1. Mine was the same.

We need a login interface like Slingbox. Hope they finally implement it.

Just did the survey. My #1 was 5.1 surround sound.
Didn’t put any other one, but my #2 would have been, being able to use Roku at a remote location.

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Disappointed, I did not get the survey this time…

I get the weekly newsletter and other announcements. The email address is the same for both that and my Tablo account, yet I sometimes get the survey and sometimes don’t…


Strangely I NEVER have an issue with remote streaming. I even go months between ever opening the Tablo app and open it remotely and it still works. (I do have a static IP assigned to the Tablo and the ports forwarded)

My two were:
“Keep X Number of Recordings”
“The ‘Delete All’ function needs confirmation, its too close to the ‘Delete Watched’ and can be hit by mistake”

Our records show you unsubscribed from the ‘Tablo Owners’ list which is what we use for surveys. If you want to provide your feedback, just drop me a PM and I’ll send you the link.


It’s not clear that this survey is really oriented toward new features.

I kind of remember previous surveys that tried to collect various analytics on number and types of apps that access their tablos. As well as what the user would like to use if the app worked better.

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We have a pretty good sense of what apps people use the most, so we chose to focus this time on how people made their decision to buy Tablo.

And we’ve made the ‘new feature’ question open so people can use their own words. We crunch that data by hand to put it into various feature ‘buckets’.

(And also to identify the features that people are asking for that already exist so we can be sure to highlight them more!!!)

I made this known on my survey, but keeping the last X number of recordings would really help cut down on the 100+ unwatched episodes of NBC Nightly News. I only get to sit down and watch the news a couple of times a week, but I’m certainly not going to “catch up” on news programs. Same goes for daytime game shows (e.g. the Price is Right).

No matter what Eric Schmidt, Tim Cook, or Elon Musk tell you about AI, tablo has no idea what other devices I current use (without the tablo app) or what I would like to use.

On mine I put to auto extend any program recordings which follow a sporting even. I hate getting half a show recorded on Sundays.

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Darned sportball, it ruins Sunday night TV :slight_smile:

I wish there was an easy way to do this, but there really isn’t a good solution. Unfortunately it’s impossible to know when a game will end when it goes long.

The best way to avoid this is to set a manual recording for a few hours after the game.

also to identify the features that people are asking for that already exist so we can be sure to highlight them more!!!

Yeah, by posting I was hoping you or someone would point that out if it applies to my requests.

Regarding my problems with Tablo Connect, do I understand correctly that if I do a DHCP reservation for the Tablo on my local network so it always gets the same address, the remote connection will be more reliable?

It will indeed! If the router changes the Tablo’s IP address, its like changing your address before a letter arrives. It’s already addressed to the old one, so the letter will never arrive. The IP address is how the app knows where to mail the letter.

And further to Tablo Connect, we have seen folks mention they weren’t able to get port forwarding going at all… There are some instructions available on our Knowledge Base for this, but if you’re still stuck our support gurus are happy to lend a hand:

Or just set the program (or 2 depending on the time) after the game to record as well.

Wish I had another shot at this… just thought of a feature that would really be nice with football season coming, the ability to extend a recording so nothing is missed when a game runs over. My workaround is either to record the next few shows, or set up a manual recording. Ideally, it would be nice to start a little later (good to have if the previous show extends a minute or two into the next hour) than the scheduled start time, and to extend beyond the scheduled end time.

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I’d vote for that.

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I asked to BLACKLIST certain channels that don’t record well and two of the three duplicate network stations that instantly create a conflict.

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There is a setting (I believe it is the default) to have all live events record extra time. I believe it adds 50% of the scheduled time to the recording. I never have a problem with game recordings for this feature adds an extra 1 1/2 hours to them.

I am getting ready to try & use remote access for the first time. I am hoping to access my Tablo when traveling in my RV. My plan is to take one of my FireTV boxes with me. I tested it by setting my phone as a hot-spot network. I then connected my FireTV to my phone’s hot-spot & accessed my Tablo. It appeared to work great.

I welcome anyone who can share tips & advice on remote access viewing. I started a topic entitled ‘Remote Access Questions’ but I only got a couple of responses from a single individual.