How far out does the live TV schedule go?

For instance it’s Saturday afternoon, 1/10/2015 and I want to record the Golden Globes on tomorrow night.  The live TV schedule only goes to tomorrow afternoon and a search didn’t find anything.  Do I have to wait until the program gets closer?  That doesn’t make any sense. Am I missing something?

@thusband it only goes 24 hours for live tv. But the guide data is 14 days. So I would suggest you look at Prime TV and find it there :wink:

Right.  I searched for “Golden Globes” and it didn’t come up with anything but searching for “Globe” did so in the end all is well.


Yea, I just looked it appears the title is actually “Golden Globe” not “Golden Globes”. It also shows up if you just type golden :wink: