How does Tablo know when to start/stop recording?

Is it based solely on the actual SCHEDULED time of a show or is it based on actual show start/end times? I.e , if a show is delayed to to a live event (such as football), is the scheduler smart enough to record the actual show time?

Goes by scheduled time.

In my experience it will always start on the start time, but if you check the “Extend Live Recording” in the Settings menu it should and has for me extended the record time to the end of the game. In fact it has usually gone past the end by 15-30 mins

So when shows get pushed back it will not account for that and you will only get a partial recording (I.e. if scheduled time is 8-10, but due to live event overrun to 8:30 you only get the last 30 mins of the show)?

That’s a major bummer … How do we create a feature request to get this fixed?

I dont think there is any way to “fix it” since there is no immediate way for the tablo (or any device really) to know exactly what is on the display at any given second…

I suggested @TabloTV have an option to change all recording times on a particular channel, but the only way to do that is if you know how late the live event went. It would be great if at the end of every show there was some kind of electronic signal saying end of program, but there is not. That is a problem with all recordings. If the show is available on Hulu, Amazon, or streaming someplace, you can watch it there.

The best way to avoid all of the pain associated with delays from football games or presidential addresses or anything else that throws a monkeywrench in the scheduling is to set a manual recording from the scheduled time of the show you want to watch to 2-3 hours later to make sure you catch everything.

I don’t see an option to extend the recording or a manual option; I’m using Roku and don’t see ANY options except to record new or record all. Getting tired of only getting part of the shows I’ve scheduled.

The Settings page on the Roku does not have many options. Go to Settings on a smartphone app, tablet app or using the website in the Chrome browser on a computer.