How do you reload ALL guide data?

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OK, nevermind. This is what I've been trying to post...seems I am still asleep

I received my TabloTV yesterday. I've been a SimpleTV user for nearly a year now so none of the setup instructions were much of a surprise. However, I did encounter some issues with my antenna that seems to have messed with things....

When I did the initial setup (zip code, channel scan and guide) I didn't get many stations. This was all due to my own fault (left the amplifier turned off). However, in my haste I accepted the low number of stations that Tablo found and let the guide load based on that low number of stations. Well, after I verified that Tablo was working (showing me live tv) I went on to figure out my antenna problem. After that was fixed I used the Tablo android app to rescan the channels - WAY MORE CHANNELS!  So I selected the channels I wanted and.... I never saw the guide download again. 

When I go LiveTV and the guide shows up only the channels I had originally accepted (before I fixed my antenna issue) show up with any show information. I mean ABC had its shows but channels like CBS and NBC had nothing. I could tune to the channel but the guide for those channels (and others) was empty. In addition, when I use the roku for LiveTV the channels without guide data do not show up at all. So I cannot tune to them using the roku.

I've tried changing my location to a different nearby zip code and channel rescans but nothing seems to be loading the guide data for the new channels. Well sort of... Knowing that Tablo updates the guide every day I thought I would just wait it out and try again in the morning. 

So this morning I got up and checked Tablo. My android app couldn't find the Tablo device. Roku couldn't find the Tablo device. So I unplugged it and plugged it back on (this better not be standard practice...I had enough of that with SimpleTV). Both the android app and roku now found the Tablo. So I went to LiveTV and the guide now includes data for CBS. So at least one channel got loaded. But not the others.

I'm in the Chicago market. I am pretty sure NBC is going to have guide data.

Is there a way to force a reload of all of the channel's guide data? 

Wow…as soon as I post the guide populates. Patience is a virtue I apparently do not have

You can do it from the ios app under settings… reload guide data now i think is what it say.