How do you FF on Roku?

You can use the FF button or tap the right arrow key repeatedly.

How do you guys FF, and does it make any difference with the LPW or the Roku rebooting issue?

Between commercials, I use right arrow repeatedly. For anything longer than a commercial, FF button. Have not thought about this having any effect on the LPW…

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Just FYI, I find each hit of right arrow goes ahead about 10 seconds so 3 quick clicks per commercial or about 12 clicks for the set depending…

I use the right arrow, but after the first press I hold it down (on the second press) and it will scroll similar to the slowest FF speed. Then I just release the button when I see the commercials coming to an end. The thumbnails stay on and I can use left or right to make my final adjustments then hit play. I have had very few LPW issues (I’ve had just as many with other apps like Netflix and PlutoTV), but I record at the recommended 720 - 5Mps setting. I must admit that I have moved away from using my Roku 3, though. I recently purchased the new Apple TV and its resume playback is instantaneous. Once a video is playing via Airplay controlling can be done just like the Roku with the Apple remote (with thumbnails). For commercials, I either use the voice command to say “Forward 4 minutes” or scroll on the touch pad and the thumbnails scroll by smoothly. Don’t mean to turn this thread away from the Roku topic.

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I also tend to use the Right arrow with multiple clicks… and only use FF for major time leaps…

Curious about the Preview Thumbnails though… every once in a while, I get a show with no Thumbnails… It seems it is always a show that is either currently recording and/or has recently completed… Do the thumbnails get made “on the fly” or does the Tablo do a “post process” after the recording is complete?

It’s tough doing any version of FF “blind”… and it also seems more likely to get a crash, freeze or reboot if those Thumbnails aren’t there… any tips or explanations?

The thumbnail generation occurs post recording and is completed within a few minutes if there is an available tuner. I’m not sure if that process contributes to Roku instability, but it is frustrating to FF “blind”. I guess in some way that is a good thing. Thumbnails is a feature that Tablo added later and has become a “gotta have it” feature for me.

Awesome, I had no idea

Me too. I cannot believe how smooth the FF and RW on a stream is on the new Apple TV… Like Butter

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I can’t wait for the new Apple TV app, but frankly the UX has been so great it helps with my patience.