How do I set up remote access?

I have a Netgear 90 router. Tablo says I need to manually set up port mappings. Could not find where to do that.

What is the model number of the Netgear router? “90” is not a model.

Nighthawk AC1900

It is done in the port forwarding are of the router admin area. You will need to log in as admin and got that area and set it up. We have Luma Mesh network and there were no specific instructions for it so it was trial and error. Took me quite a while and talking to Luma and also to Tablo tech. After experimenting finally got it figured out and once it is done the Tablo app will show that it is set up in the settings. (I wish I had known that too in advance) had no idea what to expect once it was OK.

More info here: