How do I set up a manual recording?

I want to record a show that is on channel 14-1 from 1:00 - 2:30 PM.  Is it possible to schedule it or do I need to start it when it begins and stop it when it ends.  @TabloSupport how much longer before the EPG shows up for the new channel?  It is THE SAME programming as 27.1 in Austin.  Setting up a manual recording is a PIA.  Can you change EPG providers to someone that is more responsive?

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@Snowcat Thanks!  Have not had to do that until now.  How LONG does it take for a new station to get added and make its way to the Tablo EPG?  TitanTV already has it, but they are the only ones.  Wish there was a way we could use it on the Tablo, but we can’t.