How do I play from the start?

I have Tablo set up to record the morning news, when I get up there’s usually a few minutes left to the recording, when I hit Play it picks up from the current time. How do I get it to play from the start of the recording? I usually hit rewind until I get back to the start, that takes a long time, is there a better way? If it matters I’m on an Apple TV.

If you have a recording in process and want to play from the start, go to the recordings page and select that recording. It will start at the beginning.

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Okay, I’ll try that tomorrow, thanks.


You have read that commercial skip processing isn’t instant, so watching a recording before it’s complete, or as soon as it’s done will have no skipping available…

Yes. I have to admit that I was surprised by that, I had thought it would happen as the recording took place. That said, there are still recordings that do not have commercial skip, one show is on MeTV, not sure about other shows on that channel, will have to test to be sure.

As far as signing up for the premium service, I’m going to need to see just how many shows are/are not eligible for the service. Thus far, two are, one is not.

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I’m not sure every single title is documented. Just from reading through post over time, I may be mistaken, or over time the list may have been updated. Seems some of the “older” or classics seem to make the list, but only see a couple. Maybe listed as examples, or they are just it.

I also recall long commercials, like 2min - often on later scheduled shows, get passed over. I don’t believe I’ve seen that documented either. Of course of lot of this is still evolving, one page links to another and back to the first. Some blogs have “for a current version…” but then the “overview” page has links upon links to get through to really find out what’s going on :frowning:

good luck it all that, really, I hope things work out because otherwise life with a tablo can be good.