How do I cancel a series recording?

Hi, I just set up the Tablo 4 tuner for my parents a little over 24 hours ago. They’re using the Roku Express with it. They set up a few series recordings and now want to cancel a couple of them. How do I do this? This is info that may help also…they’re only getting 24 hours of guide data. Does that have an affect on cancelling a series because I cannot find that option anywhere. Also, Tablo says you get 30 days of the full guide free and after setup it said the guide would continue to download but it still only has the 24 hours. Thank you for any help you can provide.

24 hours of guide applies to the Live TV grid. The remaining “full guide” (i.e. 2 weeks) is available in the other views (Prime Time, TV Shows, etc.) via a “card” UI.

As far as canceling a series recording, you should be able to go into the Scheduled view. select the show and click on the orange Rec button and select Remove Schedule.