How do I adjust Sony video parameters using Tablo?

I can adjust video parameters (e.g. Motion flow) for each of the various HDMI entries. Since I am not using a HDMI connected Tablo, how can I adjust those parameters on my TV? Or do I completely miss something?

If you mean how can you adjust the the individual settings per HDMI port on your TV for Tablo, then you’d simply change the settings on whatever device you’re using to access the Tablo app (Roku, Shield, Fire TV, Apple TV etc)

Unless I misunderstood? If I did, can you be more specific about your setup?

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I interact, with the Android Tablo app installed on my TV, with my Sony TV remote command.

As with other streaming services, local TV parameters are done using the configuration of the TV itself.

Tablo only provides some basic tunables relating on how things are searched, scheduled, recorded and stored. Playback is limited to normal play, pause, forward, back and there’s a way to get closed captions to display.

Ok, so you’re using the app built into your TV. So what’s your question? What do you mean by motion flow? Like cjcox said, if you mean your video settings, that should be in the display settings of the TV itself. The only way to change video quality on the Tablo app is to change the live or recordings dropdowns in the menu

If you have a Sony TV that supports motionflow you should have found the settings under preferences/picture. What options you have depends on the model and year it was made…

With the TV set to the antena input you get different setting option then if you access the preferences/picture while set to HDMI input such as Roku. Mine only has HDMI motionflow settings for all HDMI inputs - or atleast that what it seems to be.

But I turn the option off. I would google sony motionflow and see what others think of the feature and/or what settings work best.

Most people disable motion flow. I have done that for HDMI input 2 where my DVD reader is connected.
My Tablo dual lite Box connects thru ethernet to the TV. So no HDMI entry is used to connect the box to the TV.
How can I disable motion flow in that case for Tablo? Even if I disable motion flow for all HDMI inputs, it does not disable it for the Tablo signal.

If setting the signal type to antenna and then setting the input to TV and then going into the settings and turning off motionflow doesn’t work, then it’s a Sony question.

And since most Sony manuals don’t explain motionflow good luck with that question.

I found the very simple answer. While having Tablo running, press the Action button on Sony remote.